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The First (2007) Annual Microcurrent Conference Videos (8 Disc DVD set)



  1. Microcurrent Introduction, Edward Kondrot, MD, MD(H), CCH, DHt, FCSO
  2. History of Microcurrent and Color Therapy, Larry Wallace, O.D., FCSO
  3. Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diane Omtvedt,M.Ac,
  4. Cervical Stenosis, Norri Collier, D.C.
  5. Time and Frequency Specific Microcurrent with the development of new frequency, Garry Griffin, N.D.
  6. Painful Neovascular Glaucoma, Richard Luekenga, O.D.
  7. C6 Paraplegia, Edward Kondrot, MD, MD(H), CCH, DHt, FCSO
  8. Combining Microcurrent and light Therapy in the treatment of disease, Darren Starwynn, Dipl.Ac, O.M.D
  9. Case Study of Peripheral Neuropathy, Garry Griffin, N.D.
  10. Meridian Testing to Treat Post Gallbladder Pain, Teri Sherman, D.S., D.C.
  11. Acute Back Pain, Carolyn Richards, N.D., DRM, Dip Sport Therapies
  12. Pain Associated with breast cancer, Darren Starwynn, Dipl.Ac, O.M.D
  13. Open angle Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration, Larry Wallace, O.D., FCSO
  14. Facial Rejuvenation, Teri Sherman, D.S., D.C.


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