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(This is only a portion of testimonials.)

Thank you so much for an informative and very enlightening weekend!  I’ve learned so such!  Its nice to know and see 1st hand the great work that microcurrent is doing in the lives of people that we touch.   I loved the techniques that were shown and found them to be easy to follow although I am an acupuncturist.  Thanks also to the staff for being wonderful and most hospitable.  The conference was a joy!  –  Renita Turner

This was a wonderful seminar.  It was very enlightening to review microcurrent  treatments and strategies and to learn how important the use of color in treating clients.  I am continually amazed at the fabulous results in treatment and prevention that are being achieved through microcurrent/color in many  if not all  diagnoses.   Thank you for sharing all of your information with me.   – Katie Goodwin, OTR

This conference has reinforced my deep conviction that microcurrent and light therapies need to get into the broader medical community.  These therapies are the best hope of freeing humanity from our reliance upon pharmaceutical cover-ups of underlying causes of pain and illness. – Roger Hill

Even after 25 years of microcurrent experience, I never cease to be amazed at how much more there is to learn.  This gathering of like minds provides an endless source of inspiration, knowledge and professional camaraderie. It is truly an honor to be here. – Dr. Teri Sherman, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Dr. Kondrot, I have attended 3 microcurrent case conferences and enjoyed a variety of microcurent applications. There were always surprising and exciting topics each time. Thanks a lot for organizing this. – Maggie Wayne

I learned a lot in the conference and believe microcurrent will benefit my patients. – Dr. Galewaler

I’m having great results with the Inspirstar, using the probes and variations of Milly’s technique learned from Microcurrent Case Conference. – Cindy PT

This conference is a unique on microcurrnent training, case study and workshop. I definite will recommend to other alternative medicine practitioners. – Brad Daniels