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The Annual Microcurrent Conference (formerly the Microcurrent Case Conference) started in 2007 to bring together the diverse groups of microcurrent practitioners from the US and abroad. Our purpose and passion is to unite the community, bring together leaders in the field of microcurrent applications and technologies, and to help expand our knowledge base.  We strive to bring value and benefit to all practitioners, patients and the community as a whole.


The 16th Annual Microcurrent Conference and Training

October 26-27, 2022 
Pre-Conference Training

October 28-29, 2022 
In-person and Virtual Conference

Crowne Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Resort

Chandler, Arizona

Registration is Open Now. Click here to register. 



Friday, October 28th

Vendor Hours: 8am to 6pm in La Ventana 

Start Time Description/Speaker Room/Location

8:00 am           8:15 am           Intro & Opening – John & Vanessa San Tan Room

8:15 am           10:15am          Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT San Tan Room

Brain Odyssey 2032: What could your life look like in a decade if you applied the science?

10:30am          12:00 pm John Shieh, MD San Tan Room

Microcurrent – A New World of Possibilities

12:00pm          1:30 pm           Vendors Lunch – Location not yet announced

1:30 pm           3:00 pm           Jon Porman, DC

The Executive Athlete: How To Treat All Your Patients Like A Superstar

3:00 pm           3:30 pm           Break/Visit Vendors LaVentana Room

3:30 pm           5:30 pm           David Musnick, MD San Tan Room

Post COVID Syndrome Integrating FSM with Functional Medicine

Reception 6:30 pm Outside La Ventana – Cash Bar & Appetizers


Saturday, October 29th 

Vendor Hours: 8am to 3pm La Ventana Room

Start Time Description/Speaker Room/Location

8:30am 10:30 am        Case Reports 1 – 4

8:30 Rachel Tate – Foot Drop No More: Intervention for Peroneal Nerve Damage Post Discectomy

9:00 Joe Gorriceta – A Series of Fortunate Events: Stroke & FSM — What Else is Possible?”

9:30 Milly Ng – BRS Microcurrent on treatment of Neurological condition

10:00 Shannon Goossen

10:30am 11:00 am      Break/Visit Vendors

11:00am          12:00 pm         Case Reports 5 – 6

11:00 Tom Patterson – Using FSM for Memory support for MY Mother

11:30 Mike Anders – enVISIONing FSM Outcomes – A Case Study

***** Voting Back! You must be present for all Case Reports to cast your vote for your favorite case presentation!

12:00pm 1:30 pm       Lunch – On your own and visit Vendors!

1:30 pm           2:30 pm           Mary Biancalana San Tan Room

Incorporating Microcurrent to Improve Function; Application During

Dynamic Movement, Strength and Sports Performance

2:30pm            3:00 pm           Break/Visit Vendors

3:00 pm           4:00 pm           Jimmy Yen, LaC San Tan Room

Fusing Acupuncture & FSM for Neurological Conditions

4:30pm 5:15pm Vanessa Howe, MSPT San Tan Room

6:30 pm           ??? Banquet Fountain Courtyard


This Year’s Topic: The Many Faces of Microcurrent 2022

Striving to Create the Most Prepared Microcurrent Community!

The Annual Microcurrent Conference began in 2007  by Dr Ed Kondrot.  He created a conference to highlight the wonderful, early Client Cases of practitioners using Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).  His philosophy was open minded to ‘all things bio-energetic’; highlighting other resonance based technologies such as light and magnet, as well as many others!  In 2017 Dr Kondrot passed the torch to national instructor and leader in the field, Vanessa LK Howe, MSPT.  Today, Vanessa has evolved the conference to include more National Level Expert Lecturers, while still maintaining the Case Presentations and the commitment to including additional awareness of other Resonance based Bio-Energetic Medicine modalities.  Additionally, the early days allowed for non-practitioners to also have access to our conference with the hope that we could reach and educate an interested public with the amazing results and advancements in the Microcurrent and Resonance world!  Today, we still maintain this policy and embrace the passionate non-practitioners that join us each year!

Join us this year for a virtual or in person experience!  Vanessa is again joined by the brilliant and entertaining Dr John Shieh, MD as co-chair!  Dive into the Many Faces of Microcurrent (as well as other amazing technologies).  This conference topic returns to highlight the varied and amazing healing that microcurrent offers.  Our topics on deck range from skin care, to stem cell integrated treatments, to sports interventions, acupuncture and much more!  Join our amazing teaching team to find out what micro can do to help you and your practice.  You will see some fresh new faces, as well as some of our previous national leaders in the area of microcurrent and bioenergetic healing!

Our Chairpersons for 2022:

Vanessa Howe is a Physical Therapist by trade who has been teaching, mentoring and developing innovative equipment since the early 2000s.  She joins us again this year as the Chair of the Conference, and will present on an overview of her many areas of expertise.  As always, she will end the conference with her typical ‘wrap up and bring home’.  For her Pre-Con options, she will once again teach her Advanced Programming course combined with an overview of Current, Magnet & Light therapies.  NEW this year, she will offer a 1 day Pre Con on the use of her pre-programmed Micro-Sport® Home devices for complex cases!

John Shieh, MD has previously amazed us with his innovative and brilliant approaches to Regenerative Medicine as well as Bio-Energetic Medicine. Thank you Dr Shieh for all you do to support and encourage the microcurrent community!  This year he will continue to wow us with his amazing work of integrating Regenerative Medicine with Microcurrent!

Our Opening Keynote Speaker for 2022:

Few can speak to the variety of conditions and issues that micro treats, more than National Instructor and FSM Leader Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT.  As one of the earliest instructors in FSM, she brings a history and depth of knowledge.  We are proud that have her as our Opening Speaker!


Basics of the 2022 Annual Microcurrent Conference

1. Conference and Training Schedule and Fee- 

2. Learn more about our Amazing Conference Speakers

3. Pre-Conference Training

4. Call for Case Presentations

5. Exhibitor’s information

6. Hotel Reservation with link to book your room

7. Social Events

8. Registration to the 16th Annual Microcurrent Conference and Training

9. Contact

Reasons to Attend the 2022 Microcurrent Conference!

  • This is a once a year opportunity to join the larger microcurrent community!  Learn from experts that are changing lives!
  • Be inspired by industry leaders! Hear about the latest breakthroughs and improvements!  Gain insight and treatment ideas to take your practice to the next level!
  • We’re not just Microcurrent!  Light, Magnet and more!  There is so much happening in the world of Bio-Energetic Medicine!  This year, check out Vanessa’s additional content on how to integrate different modalities to get your results to those of the pro athletes!
  • Microcurrent training classes!  There is no better place to learn microcurrent (FSM) than right here!  Cost effective, but some of the most relevant and accessible content available!
  • Take your practice to the next level!  More patients!  More healing!  More revenue!  Learn from practitioners who have made it to the top!
  • Visit our exhibitors! Check out the latest and greatest microcurrent and bio-energetic medical devices!
  • Patients/Non-professional attendees are also welcome!  Have you experienced the miracle of micro?  Join us and learn more of how it works!  Discount may apply.
  • Enjoy social and play day in sunny Arizona.  Stay for Sunday and enjoy the sun and fun!
  • Generous Take Home Gift!  

Schedule and Fee

(Please note: Speakers, training, pricing, and more have not been finalized, check back regularly for updates)

Oct 26-27, 2022, Pre-Conference Training

Oct 26, 2022 (Wednesday)

Oct 27, 2022 (Thursday)

Training fee: Please check each training.

Oct 28~29, 2022 2-Day Conference

Oct 28, 2022 (Friday)

Oct 29, 2022 (Saturday)

Conference fee:   

  1. $475 Early Bird fee before Sept 1st including 2-day conference, Exhibitors’ lunch and Award Banquet. $575 regular fee after Sept 1.
  2. One day pass (Friday or Saturday) is available.
  3. Speakers and case presenters are qualified for discount. Please contact  for discount details.
  4. Patients/Non-professional attendees may qualify $100 discount. Please email your information to for discount approval.
  5. $275 2-day conference fee for paid exhibitors including banquet ticket. ($245 early bird special)

2022, Social Events



We have a phenomenal line-up of speakers!

Keynote Speaker: Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT USA

Keynote Speech Title: Brain Odyssey 2032:  What could your life look like in a decade if you applied the science?

Shannon Goossen, AP, BA, LMT, CMTPT is a recognized national expert in treating myofascial pain and solving complex neuropathic pain problems using novel techniques incorporating microcurrent and bioenergetic devices. Shannon teaches nationally, offers private clinical in-services and offers online training at She has also trained in Functional Medicine and completed IFM’s AFMCP. Her many innovations include the development of the Walking ReleaseTM and Mover-StabilizerTM Method. She is President of Comprehensive Myofascial Therapy Associates and the Educational Director for the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine ( She is a contributing writer for two textbooks and has had several articles published on spinal disorders, myofascial pain, clinical evaluation and is an award winning presenter on microcurrent. In 2018, Shannon was selected to teach the use of Microcurrent (FSM) and her novel manual therapy techniques to help solve chronic pain for a USAF demonstration project. She continues to teach at multiple air force bases and for the DHA for the military, USNAC, and Walter Reed PainCARE Skills. Shannon was also selected to be on the USAF Warrior Games Medical Team and the USA Invictus Games Medical Team. Currently her FSM protocols, Mover-Stabilizer & Walking ReleaseTM methods are being implemented by MDs, DC’s, LAc’s, PT’s, OT’s, LMT’s, Athletic Trainers and Pilates Instructors.

Vanessa Howe, MSPT USA (Co-Chair)

Presentation Title: Wrap Up and Take Home

Vanessa Howe, MSPT is a physical therapist and pioneer in the area of Resonance Based Technologies.  She integrated microcurrent  (Frequency Specific Microcurrent-FSM) into her Physical Therapy practice in 2005.  Since then, she has been a national instructor who is viewed as an innovative programmer of both current (electrical stim) and magnetic fields (pEMF).  She has taught physicians, therapists, and trainers from all over the world.  She is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in use of microcurrent for athletic injuries, both working directly with and consulting with some of the top athletic cases in the country.  Vanessa works with athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, Olympic Sports of gymnastics, soccer, NHL, and many NCAA sports.  Meanwhile her clinic continues to serve a general pain population in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Vanessa is an active speaker in the area of Microcurrent, as well as Resonance and BioEnergy Medicine.  She presents at universities, for professional organizations and teaches CEUed courses.   She has been a highlighted Keynote Speaker for this conference for the past 5 years.  She continues this year as  the Organizing Chair.

John Shieh, MD   USA (Co-Chair)

Presentation Title: Microcurrent – A New World of Possibilities

Dr Shieh was a founder of both Modern Concepts Medical Group and RejuvaYou Medical Corporation.  His specialties include non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic medicine and anti-aging medicine.  His focus on excellence and patient care has earned him the distinction of being selected “Best Doctors” by LA Downtown News and currently featured on Best of LA. Dr Shieh offers the leading edge treatments in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging to all patients.  These treatments were previously guarded as beauty secrets by famous actors, models, and the rich and famous.  Dr. Shieh’s practice of non-invasive cosmetic treatments has always been by referral-only, and included international celebrities, Miss Universe contestants, models, actresses, NFL cheerleaders, and other clients that needed to always look and feel their best.  However, with the expansion of his facilities and the formation of RejuvaYou, these amazing treatments are now available to everyone who wishes to turn back the hands of time to look and feel younger and become healthier.

David Musnick, MD USA

Presentation Title: Post COVID Syndrome Integrating FSM with Functional Medicine

Dr Musnick is a medical Dr that is board certified in Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine and Functional Medicine.  He has been in clinical practice for 30 years. He has done FSM since 2009.  He teaches Module 2 for Frequency Specific Seminars.   This is an integration of Functional Medicine with FSM to treat the Immune and all internal systems.  His approach to healing the brain is published in the book Integrative Neurology, Oxford University Press 2020. He is also published in Townsend Letter May 2019.  He is also an expert in Homeopathy, Prolotherapy, Functional Medicine, SIBO, IBS, Insomnia,  Osteoarthritis and Tendinopathy.  His lectures are packed with useful information and are filled with cases to help you remember important details. 

Jon Porman, DC USA

Presentation Title: The Executive Athlete: How To Treat All Your Patients Like a Rockstar

Dr. Jon Porman is a chiropractor specializing in Human Performance/Longevity & Sports Injury Rehab.  He has treated more than 3,500 professional and Olympic athletes from around the world. Dr. Porman has served as a consultant to the Chinese Olympic track team, South Korean Olympic track team, the Dallas Stars, and San Jose Sharks. Evaluating the entire athlete rather than just the body, his approach is truly “wholistic”. Dr. Porman is known for getting quick results whether from a physical, emotional, nutritional or mental trauma/ block that is holding the athlete back from peak performance and recovery. He developed Targeted Frequency Therapy(“TFT”) which utilizes electrical, sound, and light frequencies to optimize the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Concurrent with his Arizona practice, Dr. Porman has been teaching his protocols to doctors and therapists worldwide for over 27 years. 

Jimmy Yen, L.Ac USA


Presentation Title:  Fusing Acupuncture & FSM for Neurological Conditions

Jimmy Yen is an expert in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology at Achieve Integrative Health – Austin and licensed by the Texas Medical Board. He is also board certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Following his graduation, Jimmy was employed by the Texas Institute of Health, an integrative clinic in Waco, TX. As the director of Acupuncture, he was responsible for building the Acupuncture department. Jimmy worked closely alongside an Occupational Health physician who also specialized in pain management. With this experience, Jimmy has gained extensive knowledge on how to combine Acupuncture with conventional medicine to provide better and effective healthcare for the public. Jimmy continues to further his knowledge in Acupuncture & Herbology, by making multiple trips to China, where he has had the opportunity to observe some of the best Acupuncture & Herbology doctors in Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Gynecology & Traumatology.

Mary Biancalana USA

Presentation Title: Incorporating Microcurrent to Improve Function; Application During Dynamic Movement, Strength and Sports Performance

Mary Biancalana, Director of Therapy for Chicago Center for Myofascial Pain (Relief), has excelled in the fitness education field since 1983. A lifelong athlete and exerciser, Mary possesses a unique blend of skills and training that sets her apart. Mary has been Vice-President and is currently President of The National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists of which she has been a serving member for 14 years and Annual National conference chair for 9 years. Mary is currently a member of The American Academy of Pain Management, The International MYOPain Society, The American Council on Exercise , and the American Massage Therapy Association. Mary is a sought-after speaker with experience that includes dynamic and top-rated lectures and presentations at numerous Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Conferences, eight NAMTPT Annual National Conferences, the US Army William Beaumont Medical Center Conference on Integrated Medicine, the AMTA Illinois Chapter Annual Meetings, and the SOTO- USA Cranio-Dental Conference. Mary also has hosted 6 highly attended nationally broadcast webinars reaching over 1,400 practitioners all over the country. Mary Biancalana was also editor and author of books and magazines.

Tom Patterson, D.C. USA

Presentation Title: Case report.

Dr Tom Patterson is a chiropractor practicing in Aurora Colorado since 1980.  He has been using FSM in his practice since 2006.  This will be his first presentation of case studies and he will be talking about using FSM with his mother while she was in her 90’s.

Mike Anders, MS OTR/L

Presentation Title: Case report.

Michael Anders, MS OTR, has been a licensed Occupational Therapist since 1992 and in this time has brought FSM to countless other practitioners in his work at St Mary’s Hospital (Grand Junction, CO), Nellis Air Force Base (Las Vegas), Gateway Transitional Care Center (Pocatello, ID), and as the owner of his business Core Health Strategies (Grand Junction, CO, & Pocatello, ID), and now as co-owner, with Joe Gorriceta, of Pathways Occupational / Physical Therapy & Holistic Health in Durango, Colorado. He has been mentored by Shannon Goossen, (AP, LMT, CMTPT), Dr. Barbara Harris, Dr. Lynda Hamner, Dr. Carol McMakin, and Milly Ng, PT, and independently or in collaboration with other professionals has developed FSM protocols for spinal cord treatment and probe microcurrent work.  One of his most outstanding achievements has been the development of the probe microcurrent technique for kinesthetic eye tapping as well as to activate UE/LE strength immediately.  He has been working with FSM for almost 20 years to help his clients develop the “flow” they need to return to a fulfilling life, as well as trained and supported numerous other clinicians in FSM to do the same. He has also presented Case Studies at the International FSM Symposiums in 2009 & 2013 showing the effects of FSM and Incomplete Spinal Cord Recovery.

Rachel Tate, COTA/L, LMT

Presentation Title: Case report.

Rachel Tate owns Restore & Rebalance, LLC in Cairo Ga and has been working with FSM and active myofascial body releases since 2018. She began her health care career as a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and quickly realized that pursuing a career in Occupational therapy would give her the knowledge she needed to improve her contributions to her students. Moving to Las Vegas, NV she had the opportunity to work for the United States Air Force Occupational Therapy team at Nellis Air Force Base where she was introduced to FSM. Due to her own struggles with chronic pain, she attended an introductory course and it changed her life forever. Passionate about helping others achieve a life with less pain, she pursued further education in massage therapy to better utilize myofascial release techniques in combination with FSM. She assisted Nellis Air Force Base in the creation of the Integrative Medicine Research Clinic, the first of its kind for the military with a focus initially on utilizing FSM and quickly grew to encompass other modalities to treat patients clinically and in research trials to treat pain and improve quality of life without medications or surgical interventions. She relocated in December 2021 to Georgia to open her own practice and is enjoying the opportunity to introduce her new community to alternative therapies to live their best lives with less pain.

Joe Gorriceta, PT

Presentation Title: Case report.

Joe Gorriceta, PT Co-Owner of Pathways Occupational / Physical Therapy & Holistic Health, believes in “hands-on, custom-tailored physical therapy treatment.” Driven by his passion to help his patients and clients, Joe learned to use Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), became certified in dry needling and pelvic floor rehabilitation; as well as continues to pursue his training to become an Osteopractor – a physical therapist that has completed an extensive, evidence-based post-graduate training program in manual therapy for the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions of the spine and extremities. He takes pride in providing quality one-on-one treatment with the best, optimal outcomes possible.

Milly Ng

Presentation Title: Case report – BRS Microcurrent on treatment of Neurological condition.

Milly Ng met Dr. Thomas Wing ( the inventor of Microcurrent )  in Irvine LA in 1991.  She was awarded the sole dealership of the Monad Microcurrent device  for the Asia market back then.  Thereafter, she became the mentee of Dr. Wing until he passed away in 2013. 2005 was the year sending a tipping point to Milly’s Microcurrent career. She successfully treated a badly crushed hand with 2 fingers detached to 100% recovered in 1.5 months as if there were no injury happened.  This sent a signal to Milly to start explore many more treatment protocols on a lot of conditions that thought there’s no cure. In 2009, Milly won the first prize of the Second Microcurrent Conference.  In 2012, Milly earned her 1st HKD$1million/ USD$125,000 a month revenue.  This set another tipping point to her Microcurrent career again.  

More Speakers ….


HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD???  We have a few Speakers Opportunities open and available!  Email  to inquire and learn more!

Pre-Conference Training

October 26-27, 2022, Wednesday~Thursday

Want to learn more?  Please contact Vanessa

Here is the training list.

Training #1A Inspirstar Level One Training, Oct 26 by Ning Wu
Training #1B Inspirstar Level Two training, Oct 27 by Ning Wu
Training #2A Introduction to Microcurrent for Neuropathic and Myofascial Pain, Oct. 26 by Shannon Goossen
Training #2B Microcurrent and Movement: The Secret Sauce to Success, Oct. 27 by Shannon Goossen
Training #3A Reboot Your Practice with Advanced Programming, Oct. 26 by Vanessa Howe
Training #3B Micro Sport for the “More Than” Scenario, Oct. 27 by Vanessa Howe
Training #4 Introduction to reading QEEG brain maps for Microcurrent applications, Pre-recorded Online Video by Laura Keiles

Training #1A Inspirstar Level One Training. In-Person and Virtual (Hybrid) Class. Oct. 26 Only.

Instructor: Ning Wu

Tuition: $249               Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Level One Training is for practitioners and pre-approved patients who are interested in learning more about effective use of the Inspirstar Microcurrent products including software and devices. You will learn the following:

  • The basics concept, terminology and software installation;
  • How to create a protocol in standard way and magic way;
  • How to create different profiles like patient profiles, office profiles, master profile, etc;
  • Global operations – Global Change and Global Find;
  • How to manage protocols;
  • How to program the device and use IS02 device(IS02BAs, IS02LCDs, IS02PROs) including new features on the devices. 

During the class, you will practice installing/updating software, creating protocol/profile, programing device, managing protocols, using devices and more. Please bring your laptop and units with you. 

This training needs moderate knowledge of PC operations. Product cost (software and/or device) is not included in the tuition. Inspirstar software is Windows based program and can be installed on any Windows computer like desktop, laptop, Windows tablet like Surface, or Mac PC with Windows on its virtual machine like Parallels.

Who Attend this Training?

Practitioners or pre-approved patients who use Inspirstar products and software and want to learn more. For any question or patient pre-approval, please contact

Training #1B Inspirstar Level Two training –In-Person and Virtual (Hybrid) Class. Oct. 27 Only.

Instructor: Ning Wu

Tuition: $299                      Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Inspirstar Level Two training is for practitioners and patients who have owned Inspirstar device and software and want to learn more advanced features. You will learn the following:

  • Advanced waveforms explanations and the use of difference waveforms;
  • Real Time to enable visualization of frequencies delivered to the body in real time on your computer monitor;
  • Random Frequency/Loop to specify and control random frequency which is reported to work better than specific frequency in some studies;
  • New advanced software features like “Include” feature. 
  • IS02 advanced features especially IS02PRO, the most advanced “Game Changer of FSM device”;
  • Work with IS02 including troubleshooting;
  • Discussion of current flow in the body;
  • Encryption introduction.

Training Bonus: Profile Editor Real Time feature and Random Frequency/Loop feature For Free( $100 value).

Who Should Attend this Training?

Practitioners or pre-approved patients who use Inspirstar products and software and want to learn advanced features and technology. For any question or patient pre-approval, please contact

Training #2A Introduction to Microcurrent for Neuropathic and Myofascial Pain, Oct. 26 In-Person Only.

Instructor: Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT

Tuition: $300           Time: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Please arrive by 8:15 for registration/check in

Teaching Content:

Practitioners will be provided access to Shannon’s “Foundations 1: Frequency Specific Microcurrent” online. Access to online class begins September 15 (no additional cost to this pre-conf training or the conference). This online course will be a pre-requisite and must be completed before class. Class is limited to 20 depending on physical space.

The in person training will include review of the online course foundational information, clinical evaluation techniques, multiple practicums for: microcurrent set up and application, combined manual therapy and micro current techniques and customized microcurrent protocol development strategies.

Bonus material includes: How to identify, then address, underlying emotional and physical trauma in pain patients,  and how procedural memory can keep patients “stuck” after an injury or trauma

Who Should Attend this Training?

Practitioners who are new to microcurrent and want to learn microcurrent frequencies and protocols to treat pain and other conditions.

Training #2B Microcurrent and Movement: The Secret Sauce to Success, Oct. 27 In-Person Only.

Instructor: Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT

Tuition: $335                                Time: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Please arrive by 8:15 for registration/check in

Teaching Content: This is an advanced class.

Practitioners who are already familiar with FSM and interested in learning easy movement & exercise strategies, will find this workshop highly valuable. Additionally, participants will learn how prior physical and emotional trauma perpetuates exercise and movement avoidance. The concepts and treatment techniques taught in this class will be immediately applicable in a clinical practice and your daily life.

Effective FSM, manual therapy and movement for Neuro-MyoFascial Dysfunction. You will learn:
• How to leverage the interactivity between the brain, peripheral nervous system, myofascial network, biomechanics, & aberrant movement
• The BRILLIANT efficiency of the brain encourages INSTANT adaptive “solutions” that result in “functional” dysfunction that we can REVERSE
• How injured muscles LEARN dysfunctional adaptations (so we can continue to function) then, “the right wrong thing” happens that causes pain or an injury.
• How to find the story behind the story… that keeps us from MOVING the way we want to!

Join Us as we take a journey through the miraculous NeuroMyoFascial system: how and why it REALLY holds & releases pain patterns, postural compensations, old physical trauma and emotions

Restore functional movement by activating and treating key Mover & Stabilizer muscles with FSM & dynamic manual therapy techniques
• GRAVITY is your friend: Learn to access this “assistant therapist” for immediate results
• Stabilizers! The muscle function you never learned in school, and isn’t in the text books: Learn how to reactivate these core muscles and instantly restore biomechanical ease
• Once you are STABLE… You can MOVE! Understand the function of Movers: Learn the techniques to release & re-educate these key activation muscles

Learning Objectives
Students will:
● Gain powerful insight from the latest science so you know your are doing and applying what works
● Understand the long-term benefits and risks from MOVING or NOT Moving your body
● Learn hands-on Techniques for
○ Core Stabilization
○ Easy Exercises
○ FSM Scar/Adhesion Releases
○ FSM Nerve Facilitation
● Learn novel ways to apply FSM during treatment and exercise for specific outcomes
● Understand how the brain creates lasting habits that stick
This Course also INCLUDES:
● Onsite downloadable FSM Protocols
● Educational Handouts for Patients
● Post Workshop Support Videos
● A lot of FUN and Laughter
Take advantage of this opportunity to get MOVING!
Feel Better… Do Better…Be Better Your patients will thank you

If you have never “been one to exercise” this is the perfect starter class for you
IF you treat chronically or constantly injured athletes, this will help them get back to their sport faster or get moving again
If you want to incorporate dynamic functional movement into your FSM practice, and it wasn’t part of your professional training, THIS IS the TIME to LEARN

ANOTHER BONUS!: This course will have 2-3 additional facilitators assisting during the practicums to assist in techniques, answer your questions, offer proven clinical insights to some of these dynamic techniques. We will be in a large training room.
Please wear athletic clothing and bring layers for comfort

Contributing Instructors: Mary Biancalana, MA, CMTPT, LMT. CPT
Michael Hatrak, DC, (Prof Sport/NFL Injury Consultant)
David Musnick, MD, IFMCP (Sports Medicine)

Who Should Attend this Training?

This course will be ideal for any practitioner that wants to incorporate movement, exercise, fitness or active range of motion (AROM) into their FSM practice. Practitioners that want to better understand the current research… you will learn what we now know about:
Exercise Science, Longevity/Anti-Aging, Improving health, Reversing Chronic CardioMetabolic Disease,
Reversing Sarcopenia, And more…

Practitioners that want to know how to apply FSM protocols and treatment techniques to improve:
Balance & Stability, Strength & Flexibility, Muscular Endurance

If you are wanting to incorporate fast and easy hands-on skills to take your FSM practice to the next level… This is the AMC 2022 pre-conference workshop for you!
We recommend practitioners have at least 1 year of FSM experience. An understanding of myofascial pain, trigger points, general anatomy, and FSM language is a must, or the ability to look up frequencies easily.

Training #3A Reboot Your Practice with Advanced Programming, In-Person and Virtual (Hybrid), Oct. 26 Only.  

Instructor: Vanessa Howe

Tuition: $395                              Time: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM.

Repeat Performance By Popular Demand!  You asked for it…again!  In this 1 day course, acclaimed programmer and practitioner Vanessa Howe will share her methodology and philosophy of programming.  Developed for the active practitioner, this class will focus on how to take your “good” outcomes to “great”.   Learn how to decide which frequencies to run longer, shorter, and loop processes.  Practitioners are encouraged to bring real life, challenging cases to problem solve and discuss.  This class focuses on where participants are, to help you get to the next level. The afternoon portion will discuss the principles of Micro, Light & Magnet technology.  We will discuss the physiological vs resonant effects of bio-energetic technologies.  Learn from Vanessa on how she intentionally harnesses the power behind these tools to maximize outcomes and accelerate healing.   

Contact Vanessa at: for more information and available Presenter Discount Pricing and Repeat Attendee Discount!

Who Attend this Training?

Experienced Practitioners who want to learn microcurrent advanced frequencies and programming to create superior protocols to treat different conditions.

Training #3B Micro Sport® for the “More Than” Scenario, In-Person and Virtual (Hybrid), Oct. 27 Only. 

Instructor: Vanessa Howe

Tuition: $395                                     Time: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM.

Teaching Content:

With a tool that helps so much, it is easy to see how our practices draw clients that present with more layers that we can possibly imagine!  In this one day course we will share both theoretical basis as well as real life stories of how the Micro Sport® Home unit can be a powerful and effective tool to help!  We will explore both how to peel out certain layers to bring clarity to your patient’s presentation, as well as what to do when speed bumps occur.  This program will NOT go into specific frequencies or programming, but is a zoomed out view of how to maximize both specific programs as well as the Home Unit as a whole.  The Home unit has been called ‘the over achiever of the HoweRT® family’ – join us and find out why!

Contact Vanessa at: for more information and available Presenter Discount Pricing!

Who Should Attend this Training?

HoweRT® Micro-Sport® Home practitioners and experienced users.   Medical background will be helpful, but is not required.  Anyone who would like to learn more about how to get maximum benefit from their Micro-Sport® Home unit.   You must own, or have access/experience with the device to take this course

Training #4 Introduction to reading QEEG Brain Maps for Microcurrent applications, Pre-recorded Video(available now). 

Instructor: Laura Keiles, ND MMP (LMBT) CPN

Tuition: $195

Time: 4 hours.

Teaching Content: QEEG reports can be helpful in identifying the location and challenges found in a client’s brain map.  The primary objective of this session is to learn how to help your clients based on their individual QEEG brain map to balance specific brain waves and areas of the brain with lasting results.  We will be using sample brain maps for case studies to reinforce analytical processes shared.  If you love the brain, you will not want to miss this Pre Con!

Objectives for session

  • Learn how QEEG is performed and what is the benefits
  • What areas of the brain is assessed?
  • How to identify the areas of dysfunction through case examples
  • What frequencies are used to help the dysfunctions

What is a QEEG? (45 minutes)

  • Demo video showing a scan
  • What areas are scanned – 12 channels versus 19 channels
  • What are artifacts?
  • The benefits of doing a brain scan

Brain waves and the areas of the Brain (45 minutes)

  • Delta
  • Theta
  • Alpha
  • Beta – High Beta & Low Beta
  • Where each of the brain waves originate from

Patterns of brain dysfunction (15 minutes)

  • Alpha – Theta Dysfunction
  • Beta – Theta Dysfunction

FSM Frequencies and how they help with those dysfunctional areas (30 minutes)

Live Scan in class (45 minutes)

Case Studies of reviewing QEEG Scans (45 minutes)

Have something to teach?  Contact Vanessa ASAP at

Call for Case Presentations

Real Cases are what made this Conference!  Share your stories and cases!  Please send the case name and brief description to Vanessa Howe . Because only 4-5 cases will be presented, please submit your case ASAP.

Top case will win our coveted Case Presentation Award!

Exhibitor’s Information

We would like to invite you to participate in the Conference and showcase your products/services to our physician and non-physician participants.

  1. Standard exhibitor fee is $899 early bird ($999 after Sept 1) with 8×10 space. Each exhibitor fee includes 2 exhibitor hall badges. Friday Exhibitor Lunch Presentation Included.  $100 discount for returning exhibitors from 2018 or sooner. 
  2. Two Premium Center Booths ($200 additional) are available.  Lock them in NOW!
  3. We offer a 2 payment option; with half down and remaining balance by 9/1/22.
  4. The Exhibitor area is in a separate room from the conference. We offer ample exhibitor time and encourage attendees to visit exhibitors during all breaks. Complimentary Basic Wifi in meeting space. Electric available for nominal up charge. If you require significant power for your space; please contact hotel to arrange that.  Standard electric only is standard for the nominal fee.
  5. Discounted Conference fee: $275 for paid exhibitors to attend all 2 day conference events and teachings.
  6. Each exhibitor will give a short introduction (~5 minutes) of your products or service on 10/28 Friday’s Exhibitors Lunch.
  7. One opportunity for one Exhibitor Sponsored lunch!  Saturday, Oct 29 allows for a 30 minute presentation.  Cost is $1,500 for this great marketing opportunity. Please contact ASAP if you are interested in this sponsorship.
  8. Exhibitors are welcome to sponsor speakers. Sponsor’s name and products may be mentioned before the speakers’ presentation. For details, please contact

Space is limited. Please let us know if you are willing to join us to share your excellent products. Please register below, or contact if you have any question.

Hotel Reservations

Crowne Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Resort

1 N San Marcos Pl, Chandler, AZ 85225

T: 480-812-0900

1. Conference Group Rates: Traditional (Single or double occupancy) $159.00 + 11.67% tax and $7.50 Historic Preservation Fee (Room rates will be increased by $10.00 per person for more than double occupancy). Resort fee $20 per day is waived. These Group Rates will expire on September 26, 2022.
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Social Event

Registration to 16th Annual Microcurrent Conference and Training


  1. Online registration.

    For regular registration, click here to register online.

  2. Mail-in Registration. If you are qualified for discount like speakers, returned vendors, patients, or if you have discount code, or if you have a special need, please use mail-in registration.  Please click and download 16th_AMC_Registration_Form.pdf here, fill in and send the form in via mail, fax or email. Mail address, fax number or email address is on the form.

Conference Contact


Vanessa Howe, MSPT, , 586-991-0801

Conference staff:

Phone: 586-991-0801, 623-252-0340


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