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About Microcurrent Research and Education

Microcurrent Research and Education is non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The purpose of Microcurrent Research and Education is to support research on microcurrent technology, organize related seminars, provide education and
training on microcurrent application in the areas of electrical engineering, computer science, medical, etc, and provide charitable service to low income people who need microcurrent.

Volunteers are welcome to support Microcurrent Research and Education and the community. 

About Annual Microcurrent Conference

Annual Microcurrent Conference is now organized by Microcurrent Research and Education. Annual Microcurrent Conference (formerly Mircocurrent Case Conference) started in 2007 and is to bring together the very diverse groups microcurrent practitioners. The purpose of this conference and trainings is to unite the microcurrent community, bring together leaders in the field of microcurrent applications and technologies, help to expand each other’s knowledge and benefit all practitioners, patients and the whole community.

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