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2016 Conference

The 10th Annual

Microcurrent Conference and Training

Sept 30~Oct 2, 2016

Dolphin Beach Resort

St Pete Beach, FL


Congratulations to Prof. Charles McWIlliams for receiving the Life Time Achievement Award in Microcurrent. He promises to be back next year!

Congratulations to the 2016 Case Conference winners!

Dr. Todd Wylie
PEMF and Vision…Seeing the Difference

Dr Dennis Courtney
Microcurrent and Stem Cells

Dr. Darren Starwynn
Healing Pain and Trauma through the Biofield



Prof. Charles McWilliams, MD

Pythagoras and String Theory

Prof. Charles McWilliams, MD


Allen Berger, DC

Healing Pain and Trauma through the Biofield

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D

Treatment of Osteoporosis using FSM

David P. Nebbeling, DO

Stem Cell and Microcurrent Therapy

Dennis J Courtney MD

The Big Lie in Glaucoma Treatment

Edward Kondrot, MD

Uses of Microcurrent in Dentistry

Nicholas Meyer, DDS

PEMF and Vision… Seeing the Difference

Todd Wylie, OD

Concussions & Microcurrrent

Vanessa Howe, MPT

Latest Advances of Microcurrent Product Development

Ning Wu