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2021 Conference

The 15th Annual Microcurrent Conference and Training 

October 20-23, 2021

Crowne Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Resort, Chandler, Arizona

This Year’s Topic: Supercharged! 2021

Keynote Speaker: Catherine Willner, MD

Catherine Willner, MD is functional medicine pioneer. Dr Willner was one of the trailblazers in the early years of functional medicine and contributed to the educational foundation on which IFM stands today. She was the recipient of the 2005 Linus Pauling Award in Functional Medicine for her “Innovative clinical advances in functional medicine approaches to neurology.” Additionally, Dr. Willner was a past member of IFM’s Board of Directors and as an IFM educator, she presented at AFMCP for many years, designed the Advanced Clinical Training Neuroprotection course, and helped organize a past IFM Annual International Conference on neuroinflammation. Dr. Willner was Chair of the American Academy of Neurology Pain Section’s Scientific Committee. She is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Willner has published several studies in the field of Neurology and Pain Management.

Vanessa Howe, MSPT USA (Co-Chair)

Vanessa Howe, MSPT is a physical therapist and pioneer in the area of Resonance Based Technologies.  She integrated microcurrent  (Frequency Specific Microcurrent-FSM) into her Physical Therapy practice in 2005.  Since then, she has been a national instructor who is viewed as an innovative programmer of both current (electrical stim) and magnetic fields (pEMF).  She has taught physicians, therapists, and trainers from all over the world.  She is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in use of microcurrent for athletic injuries, both working directly with and consulting with some of the top athletic cases in the country.  Vanessa works with athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, Olympic Sports of gymnastics, soccer, NHL, and many NCAA sports.  Meanwhile her clinic continues to serve a general pain population in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Vanessa is an active speaker in the area of Microcurrent, as well as Resonance and BioEnergy Medicine.  She presents at universities, for professional organizations and teaches CEUed courses.   She has been a highlighted Keynote Speaker for this conference for the past 5 years.  She continues this year as  the Organizing Chair.

John Shieh, MD   USA (Co-Chair)

Dr Shieh was a founder of both Modern Concepts Medical Group and RejuvaYou Medical Corporation.  His specialties include non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic medicine and anti-aging medicine.  His focus on excellence and patient care has earned him the distinction of being selected “Best Doctors” by LA Downtown News and currently featured on Best of LA. Dr Shieh offers the leading edge treatments in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging to all patients.  These treatments were previously guarded as beauty secrets by famous actors, models, and the rich and famous.  Dr. Shieh’s practice of non-invasive cosmetic treatments has always been by referral-only, and included international celebrities, Miss Universe contestants, models, actresses, NFL cheerleaders, and other clients that needed to always look and feel their best.  However, with the expansion of his facilities and the formation of RejuvaYou, these amazing treatments are now available to everyone who wishes to turn back the hands of time to look and feel younger and become healthier.

Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT USA

Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT is a recognized national expert in treating myofascial pain and solving complex neuropathic pain problems using novel techniques incorporating microcurrent and bioenergetic devices. Shannon teaches nationally, offers private clinical in-services and offers online training at She has also trained in Functional Medicine and completed IFM’s AFMCP. Her many innovations include the development of the Walking ReleaseTM Method and Mover-StabilizerTM concept. She is President of Comprehensive Myofascial Therapy Associates and the Educational Director for the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine ( She is a contributing writer for two textbooks and has had several articles published on spinal disorders, myofascial pain, clinical evaluation and is an award winning presenter on microcurrent. In 2018, Shannon was selected to teach the use of Microcurrent (FSM) and her novel manual therapy techniques to help solve chronic pain for a USAF demonstration project. She continues to teach at multiple air force bases and for the DHA for the military. Shannon was also selected to be on the USAF Warrior Games Medical Team and the USA Invictus Games Medical Team. Currently her FSM protocols, Mover-Stabilizer & Walking ReleaseTM methods are being implemented by MDs, PT’s, OT’s, LMT’s, LAc’s.& DC’s

David Musnick, MD USA

Dr Musnick is a medical Dr that is board certified in Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine and Functional Medicine.  He has been in clinical practice for 30 years. He has done FSM since 2009.  He teaches Module 2 for Frequency Specific Seminars.   This is an integration of Functional Medicine with FSM to treat the Immune and all internal systems.  His approach to healing the brain is published in the book Integrative Neurology, Oxford University Press 2020. He is also published in Townsend Letter May 2019.  He is also an expert in Homeopathy, Prolotherapy, Functional Medicine, SIBO, IBS, Insomnia,  Osteoarthritis and Tendinopathy.  His lectures are packed with useful information and are filled with cases to help you remember important details. 

Fernando Yaacov Peña, MD. MSc Columbia

Dr. Peña is an amazing Ophthalmologist trained in Colombia and in the USA (University of Southern California and Doheny Eye Institute), with special emphasis in anterior segment surgery, ophthalmic clinical and epidemiological research, primary eye care and prevention of blindness. He is also the Advisor and Consultant for Lions Clubs International Foundation-Sight First, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Health Organization and Vision 2020 Latin America. He is also Professor of Ophthalmology in various residency programs in Latin America, the “Fundacion Vision” in Paraguay, the “Fundacion Oftalmológica del Caribe” in Colombia, and the Colombian Society of Ophthalmology, Advisor/speaker for pharmaceutical laboratories. He has developed projects related to retinopathy of prematurity in Paraguay and Colombia. Organized Courses and Workshops for prevention of blindness, community eye health, research, leadership and management, and was involved in the evaluation of eye care services in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and presentation of the results to several NGOs of the region in Santo Domingo.  We welcome Dr Peña back as he will present virtually from beautiful Columbia!  Cannot wait to see you back in person, Dr Peña!

Laura Keiles, ND MMP (LMBT) CPN

Dr. Laura Keiles is an influencer of mental, digestive, and neurological health interconnectivity.   The “Pain, Mind, Diet Connection” approach to health has shattered outdated paradigms and health approaches by viewing symptoms in relation to the body as a whole rather than the ailment alone.

By shedding this knowledge through training and application, the “wholism” approach has already become instrumental in the management and treatment of chronic mold, lyme, small intestinal bowel overgrowth, mental illnesses/conditions, and much more.  Dr Keiles will be presenting on her amazing research using QEEG with FSM and proving that there is real and amazing changes that occur!  Want to hear even more?  Join her for her Pre-Con Course to delve into how the brain can be ‘seen’ through QEEG and how microcurrent can be a miraculous intervention for the brain!

Andi Bush, ND, MH, CNC

Dr. Andi Bush, ND, MH, CNC of Heritage Wellness LLC, is a traditional Naturopath living in rural southeastern Wyoming where people regularly travel between 75-150 miles each way to receive care outside of local primary medical care.  The need for adjunctive wellness options inspires Andi to provide personalized support to clients throughout the region with FSM, which allows them to experience rapid relief from pain, injury, and illness, and to maintain health in the comfort of their own homes. She graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health in 2001, began using FSM as a patient in 2012, and has been using the technology to assist other individuals and families since 2017. 

Michael F. Hatrak, DC

Dr. Hatrak is a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS INJURY CONSULTANT, ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE AND WELLNESS INNOVATOR, FOUNDER & CEO of SYNERGY SPORTS WELLNESS INSTITUTE, LLC and Synergy Release Sports, LLC. Dr. Hatrak is nationally renowned injury consultant and business principal that has treated 1,500+ major professional and Olympic athletes leveraging three primary systems: Synergy Release Therapy, Hatrak Synergy Systems, and the Six Step Speed Prep™. Dr. Hatrak is the Industry-leading chiropractic physician and teacher/trainer with four decades of experience preventing and minimizing the healing time of sports injuries with measurable results. Dr. Hatrak is co-developer of Synergy Release Therapy and developer of Hatrak Synergy Systems and the Six Step Speed Prep™, patented programs/techniques aimed at minimizing and eliminating pain, preventing injuries, and enhancing performance. Dr. Hatrak is business owner and practitioner maintaining facilities in Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia while traveling frequently at the request of professional teams and serving as a keynote speaker at events across the U.S.

Dr. Hatrak Played a major role in the NFL and draft prospects for 15+ years, including high-profile Super Bowl XXXIX (2005) and XL (2006) record-breaking players such as James Harrison and Willie Parker. Part of the medical team for the Super Bowl LII (2018) winners, Philadelphia Eagles and Super Bowl LIV (2020) winners, Kansas City Chiefs.