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The 12th(2018) Annual Microcurrent Conference Videos (unlimited online watch)



The 12th Annual Microcurrent Case Conference proudly presents the following presentations by honorary speakers.

  1. John Shieh – Emerging Technologies in Regenerative Medicine
  2. David Nebbeling – Microcurrent Directed Stem Cells
  3. Leslie Miller- Bioelectric Medicine
  4. Dennis Courtney – Stem Cells 101
  5. Fernando Pena – Microcurrent & Bioregulatory Medicine in Eye Health
  6. Shannon Goossen – Your Brain The Mastermind for Rejuvenation
  7. Rob Hamilton – Wound Healing Secrets
  8. Vanessa Howe – Micro and Rejuvenative Medicine
  9. Rachel Bouch – Microcurrent & Manual Medicine in the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Failure
  10. Rob Hamilton – Wound Cases

Note: 2018 Conference attendees are eligible for discount and shall contact to purchase.


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