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Our 2020 Sponsors Products and Videos

We have a great line-up of sponsors (in alphabetic order below) this year! Please be sure to visit the links below to learn more about their products and special offers, available only for conference attendees!


HoweRT® was originally established to meet the needs of practitioners and patients who desire to use the power of microcurrent technology, without costly and extensive classes to learn programming.  Today, HoweRT has established themselves as a premier FSM device and the only comprehensive, exclusively pre-programmed device on the market!  Heal like the professionals with Micro Sport!

HoweRT® strives to provide a high quality line of Pre-Programmed Resonance-Based Devices to allow practitioners to utilize the power of this technology right out of the box with minimal cost and with less than an hour of on-line training. We offer comprehensive support in quickly integrating new technologies into practitioners’ clinics.


Inspirstar Inc. is a leading innovator of the state-of-the-art medical device and specializes in Microcurrent technology and Microcurrent devices.

Inspirstar IS02 Programmable Microcurrent StimulatorTM is the FIRST FDA-Approved Portable Programmable Microcurrent Stimulation Machine, the innovated programmable portable unit we have passion for and we are proud of.

MEND Technology

MEND Technology is a solution-based company providing innovative approaches for bio-resonance technologies.  We are committed to listening to the needs of practitioners and staying vigilant to this fast-paced and ever-changing environment of energy medicine applications.

In the last two years alone, significant advances and research have demonstrated and proven the effectiveness, time and time again, of energy medicine applications to promote optimal wellness, decrease inflammation, reverse aging, and heal trauma in ways previously considered impossible. We are here to stay current with the data, research and times and provide practitioners with cutting edge technology.

Waygood Wellness

Waygood Wellness offer Quantum Energy Products.

Wellness PEMF

Wellness PEMF has designed and engineered some of the best PEMF devices on the market today, including the Microcurrent Magnetic Converter, that works on the top three microcurrent devices. All PEMF devices are not only programmable, with over 500 premade protocols, but practitioners can edit ours or create their own seven channel frequency programs. Our simple to use, click n drag software is FREE with each device and makes patient records a cinch. We have the only stackable program sets in the PEMF industry and offer that on all devices, including new portable MAGREZ B, See devices and AMC SPECIALS at