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Shannon Goossen Classes

SG#1 Introduction to Microcurrent for Neuropathic and Myofascial Pain, Oct. 12 Thursday. In-Person Only.

Instructor: Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT

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Tuition: $300           Time: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Please arrive by 8:15 for registration/check in

Teaching Content:

Practitioners will be provided access to Shannon’s “Foundations 1: Frequency Specific Microcurrent” online. Access to online class begins September 15 (no additional cost to this pre-conf training or the conference). This online course will be a pre-requisite and must be completed before class. Class is limited to 20 depending on physical space.

The in person training will include review of the online course foundational information, clinical evaluation techniques, multiple practicums for: microcurrent set up and application, combined manual therapy and micro current techniques and customized microcurrent protocol development strategies.

Bonus material includes: How to identify, then address, underlying emotional and physical trauma in pain patients,  and how procedural memory can keep patients “stuck” after an injury or trauma

Who Should Attend this Training?

Practitioners who are new to microcurrent and want to learn microcurrent frequencies and protocols to treat pain and other conditions.

SG#2 Microcurrent and Movement: The Secret Sauce to Success, Oct. 15 Sunday. In-Person Only.

Instructor: Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT

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Tuition: $335                                Time: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Please arrive by 8:15 for registration/check in

Teaching Content: This is an advanced class.

Practitioners who are already familiar with FSM and interested in learning easy movement & exercise strategies, will find this workshop highly valuable. Additionally, participants will learn how prior physical and emotional trauma perpetuates exercise and movement avoidance. The concepts and treatment techniques taught in this class will be immediately applicable in a clinical practice and your daily life.

Effective FSM, manual therapy and movement for Neuro-MyoFascial Dysfunction. You will learn:
• How to leverage the interactivity between the brain, peripheral nervous system, myofascial network, biomechanics, & aberrant movement
• The BRILLIANT efficiency of the brain encourages INSTANT adaptive “solutions” that result in “functional” dysfunction that we can REVERSE
• How injured muscles LEARN dysfunctional adaptations (so we can continue to function) then, “the right wrong thing” happens that causes pain or an injury.
• How to find the story behind the story… that keeps us from MOVING the way we want to!

Join Us as we take a journey through the miraculous NeuroMyoFascial system: how and why it REALLY holds & releases pain patterns, postural compensations, old physical trauma and emotions

Restore functional movement by activating and treating key Mover & Stabilizer muscles with FSM & dynamic manual therapy techniques
• GRAVITY is your friend: Learn to access this “assistant therapist” for immediate results
• Stabilizers! The muscle function you never learned in school, and isn’t in the text books: Learn how to reactivate these core muscles and instantly restore biomechanical ease
• Once you are STABLE… You can MOVE! Understand the function of Movers: Learn the techniques to release & re-educate these key activation muscles

Learning Objectives
Students will:
● Gain powerful insight from the latest science so you know your are doing and applying what works
● Understand the long-term benefits and risks from MOVING or NOT Moving your body
● Learn hands-on Techniques for
○ Core Stabilization
○ Easy Exercises
○ FSM Scar/Adhesion Releases
○ FSM Nerve Facilitation
● Learn novel ways to apply FSM during treatment and exercise for specific outcomes
● Understand how the brain creates lasting habits that stick
This Course also INCLUDES:
● Onsite downloadable FSM Protocols
● Educational Handouts for Patients
● Post Workshop Support Videos
● A lot of FUN and Laughter
Take advantage of this opportunity to get MOVING!
Feel Better… Do Better…Be Better Your patients will thank you

If you have never “been one to exercise” this is the perfect starter class for you
IF you treat chronically or constantly injured athletes, this will help them get back to their sport faster or get moving again
If you want to incorporate dynamic functional movement into your FSM practice, and it wasn’t part of your professional training, THIS IS the TIME to LEARN

ANOTHER BONUS!: This course will have 2-3 additional facilitators assisting during the practicums to assist in techniques, answer your questions, offer proven clinical insights to some of these dynamic techniques. We will be in a large training room.
Please wear athletic clothing and bring layers for comfort

Contributing Instructors: Mary Biancalana, MA, CMTPT, LMT. CPT
Michael Hatrak, DC, (Prof Sport/NFL Injury Consultant)
David Musnick, MD, IFMCP (Sports Medicine)

Who Should Attend this Training?

This course will be ideal for any practitioner that wants to incorporate movement, exercise, fitness or active range of motion (AROM) into their FSM practice. Practitioners that want to better understand the current research… you will learn what we now know about:
Exercise Science, Longevity/Anti-Aging, Improving health, Reversing Chronic CardioMetabolic Disease,
Reversing Sarcopenia, And more…

Practitioners that want to know how to apply FSM protocols and treatment techniques to improve:
Balance & Stability, Strength & Flexibility, Muscular Endurance

If you are wanting to incorporate fast and easy hands-on skills to take your FSM practice to the next level… This is the AMC 2022 pre-conference workshop for you!
We recommend practitioners have at least 1 year of FSM experience. An understanding of myofascial pain, trigger points, general anatomy, and FSM language is a must, or the ability to look up frequencies easily.